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This is a surgical procedure to relieve pressure in the eye.  A new drainage pathway is created to allow fluid from inside the eye to flow out and towards the back of the eye socket.  Antiscarring mediation is used to maintain the pathway in the long run.  The advantage of a successful trabeculectomy is that the low pressure achieved remains constant throughout the day and does not show the fluctuations seen with drops.  

The 'disadvantage' of the procedure is that like all glaucoma treatments it does not improve your sight - it stops you getting worse.  In some cases you may even have to change your glasses and it can prepone your cataracts.
This is a day surgery procedure.  You are asleep for a few minutes while the eye is anesthetised.  You are awake during the procedure without being able to see out of the eye or feel any pain in the eye.  The use of local anaesthesia minimises any risk to your heart and brain.
At the end of the operation a pad and a shield are used to dress the eye.  You will be seen the next day after the surgery when your dressings will be removed by us and you will be asked to start your antibiotic and steroid drops.  You must not wet your eye for 10 days and must wear your shield at night.  
We observe you closely for three months after surgery and therefore ask you not to book long trips during this period.