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Nasolacrimal duct

Nasolacrimal duct probing is a day surgery procedure performed under general anaesthetic.

Before surgery:

The hospital will advise you on the fasting regime and appropriate time of arrival. The general guidelines are fasting 6 hours prior to surgery as the surgery is under a general anaesthetic. Depending on your child’s age some clear fluid intake is allowed up to 3 hours before surgery.

On the day of surgery:

Your anaesthetist will review your child prior to surgery. The surgery will take about 10-30 minutes depending if 1 or both sides are being operated on and whether silicon tubes are being placed. We will place antibiotics in the operated eye/s at the end of surgery. Once your child has had time to recover from the anaesthetic and is tolerating food and fluids, your child will be discharged home.

Post- operative care:

Post-operative drops will be prescribed to your child. They should be given, 1 drop 4 times a day, for a total of 2 weeks after surgery. The day after surgery your child’s recovery can be varied, some children require simple analgesia such as Paracetamol for 1-2 days. Your child may be more comfortable wearing sunglasses and or a hat outside. A review in the rooms will be organised 1-2 weeks after surgery. If tubes are placed, they will be removed 2 months after the surgery in the rooms. Your child will not require an anaesthetic for this.

Dos and Don’ts:

Your child is allowed to read or watch television as much as is comfortable.

Do not go swimming for 2 weeks after surgery.

Do not play in a sandpit for 1 week after surgery.

After a bath/shower pat the face dry.